Brilliant Questions for your Roofer

Finding a roof contractor need not be a daunting task. It could involve dealing with a leaking or damaged roof while at the same time sorting through all the available Roofing Contractors in the area to find one who can get the job done right but at an affordable price. So what makes a roofing contractor good or reliable?

Will you remove my old roof?Your old roof should be removed before putting down a new one. This makes sure that all problems have been spotted and dealt with. An inspection by sight sometimes will not spot problems such as rotten bits. If these linger they only create bigger problems for you in future.
What is the warranty on my new roof? If it’s anything less than 25 years it should be probed. The minimum one should expect is 25 years.
Will you have someone on site for me to ask if you have any questions? It’s important to know who the project manager is before what begins so that you can know where to direct your questions rather than directing them at a group.
Will you provide me a written estimate? there should be no surprise quotes of the day when work is complete. it’s important to know the cost of removing the old one, adding the new roof, materials and anything else that may come up during the process.
What would you do if there is change in weather when working on my roof?Ask them what they shall do in case the weather gets bad. What precautions will they take to ensure that your roof, house interior and property doesn’t get ruined by rain, wind, or an incomplete job.
Are you a licensed roofer? Knowing whether the contractor is licenced or not and also whether their licence is up to date will give you a legal recourse in case something goes wrong. Asking this will enable you to know that you’re dealing with someone who comply with the roofing regulator’s code of conduct.
Do you have a Workman’s comprehensive insurance?If an injury happens on your property you could be held liable for medical expenses. Some contractors may choose to take their chances and do without.If your contractor does it have insurance the burden could be on you. So you need to protect yourself when making sure the roofer offers workmen’s compensation insurance.
Do you have general liability insurance?It’s a known fact that building sites are prone to accidents and damage. With this insurance in place for the contractor, in the event your roof, house, or property is damaged you will not be responsible for covering the damage that someone else has caused. This shall be covered by their general insurance liability.

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