Roof repair and roof maintenance. Why roof cleaning is important.

My roof defends me from rain, snow, wind, heat, and hail. On a daily basis it is subjected to weather hazards and other elements all causing deterioration and damage. Poor roof maintenance is a major cause of roof damage.
Roof maintenance could be a simple act of debris removal or roof cleaning. And we need to maintain our roofs because of very good reasons including;

To can minimise the need for repair and keep the repair cost low. You see, if there is a small problem that could be dealt by a simple clean (read maintenance) and if this is not done it could grow into a bigger one. Something as simple as leaves blocking gutters could block rain and snow from draining properly. Then the water would have to find another outlet . And this is where problem begins. This gradually damages your roof. And could also develop into roof algae that would prematurely age your roof and cause ugly black streaks.

We should maintain our roofs for a peace of mind. I do not have to always worry about a leak after every major storm or be worried about the possibility of mold making my family sick because I have got peace of mind knowing that my roof is in good shape.

Maintaining our roofs is time-saving. If I maintain my current roof it means I could preserve my insulation and woodwork. So at the time of changing of my roof the roofer would spend less time interrupting me.

We maintain our roofs to protect our home and everyone that lives there.Our roofs are susceptible damage in overheated poorly ventilated homes. The roof structure could deteriorate at a faster rate due to lack of ventilation. This has an effect on your energy bills & comfort in your home.

Roofy Roof Repairs and Building

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