Why Home Improvements Add The Most Value

It’s no secret that home improvement is tricky. Over 25 percent of Americans report spending between $10,000 and $25,000 on home renovation projects. 

According to Forbes, many of the most expensive home improvements don’t even add value to your property. The weather, state of the market, and time of the year may also detract from the cost of some pricey improvements. 

Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to renovate cheaply. Some of the best home improvements can be made on a tighter budget than you think.  

How Can I Renovate My House Cheaply?

The best renovation projects can often be done piecemeal. As you get more time and save up your budget, it’s possible to renovate your home over time rather than all at once thoroughly. 

The very first step to all home renovation is simply to clean: simplify your life by organizing personal possessions. This will make it easier to rearrange furniture and move around lighting for a different atmosphere. 

Secondly, keep an eye out for inexpensive tools and Do It Yourself guides for renovating cheaply. Borrow the necessary tools, rent the rest. Second hand or refurbished items can be found extremely cheap. 

Consider what projects would solve glaring issues in your home. Make sure to save up first for what you want to get done before making small changes. 

What Should I Do First When Renovating a House?

The very first step to home renovation is getting organized. Through organizing and decluttering your home, you get a better idea of what projects need to be prioritized. 

The simple act of removing clutter can free you up to move around furniture, repaint, and change up the lighting. We suggest keeping separate bins for items you choose to throw away or donate, which will allow you to declutter in a stress-free way over a week. 

What Are Other Steps to Renovate a House?

Once you’ve cleaned your home, the next step is to consider the big impact changes you can make. Evaluate changes you need to make in paint, lighting, furniture, and arrangement of existing pieces. 

Make sure to note any persistent electrical or plumbing failures you have, since these will need to be addressed first. 

After making the massive changes, you can start changing small appearance or functional details of the home. Little things like changing the rugs, painting the wall trim, or re-grouting the kitchen floor can make a big difference. 

How Can I Improve On My Home?

Some of the best ways to improve your home are to make small, yet noticeable, appearance differences. Repaint your living room to brighten up space, plant a tree, or perform some light landscaping. 

Find ways to improve the functional utility of your home. Notice the second drawer on the left always gets stuck? These small, yet frustrating, issues can easily be solved while adding value. 


There are so many different home improvement tasks that can improve the value of your home. Better yet, some of the most effective renovations don’t have to be expensive. 

7 Genius DIY Hacks To Maximise Your Space

Let’s be real, you’re not Mary Poppins, so you can’t invent space that doesn’t already exist. Do it yourself, or DIY, 3 letters that seem to be everywhere, could be the answer to all of your space woes. 

Doing it yourself is nothing new, but in this same-day-delivery era, we expect everything to arrive magazine-ready. DIY embraces going back to basics, and has the added bonus of letting you feel a sense of pride because you actually made something!  

According to the Journal of Consumer Psychology, the more effort we put into creating something, the more we value and cherish the item. This concept is known as the “Ikea Effect,” and studies show people are prepared to pay more for an item they helped build themselves.

We’ve uncovered the most common room-by-room pain points for those living in small apartments, and have some cheap solutions to help create the perfect urban oasis — no matter where you live.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How to hack a home office
  • How to hack a disorganised kitchen
  • How to hack a coffee corner
  • How to hack a laundry nook
  • How to hack a home garden
  • How to hack home entertainment
  • How to hack small storage

How to hack a home office

You might spend your 9-5 in a spacious open-plan, but while bringing your laptop home to follow up on some emails is easy, balancing it on a stack of magazines where it reaches an outlet is not.

This DIY closet desk makeover by The Cofran Home transforms an unused closet into a chic office space. It also creates a brand new feature in your home, while giving you some extra closet space for your stuff. Although not everyone has a spare closet to makeover, this DIY project shows you how to build a set of shelves, and desk area, which you can install anywhere in your apartment.

The Cofran Home

Bonus tip: Separate your relaxation space (ie. bedroom) from your working space. According to Harvard’s Division of Sleep Medicine:

 “Keeping computers, TVs, and work materials out of the [bed]room will strengthen the mental association between your bedroom and sleep.”

How to hack a disorganized kitchen

If limited cabinet space is leaving your kitchen counter cluttered with mugs, coffee equipment, and the instapot your mom bought you, you’re going to need to find a way to create space for a cutting board when it’s your turn to cook dinner for friends.

The Navage Patch

The solution? Create a rolling shelf enclosure out of 1/2 inch plywood made to measure jar space. This DIY rolling jar Storage by The Navage Patch is super simple and cheap, and gives the appearance of an adult, organized kitchen. Most of the items you need for this project are found in your local hardware store, and if you’re renting, you can take it with you when you leave!

How to hack a coffee corner

Some DIY hacks are practical, but other hacks just spruce up the place and impress your friends. This vintage coffee bar by Nur Noch definitely does latter — all you need is two pallets, a wooden board, and a bit of paint. 

Nu Noch

This project won’t cost you a dime, and you’ll only need 3 materials. Play around with the paint to match the design vibe of your apartment, and add shelves above the coffee bar, to finish off this fun, unique coffee corner.

How to hack a laundry nook

Apartments on the smaller side are notorious for teeny tiny laundry areas, if you’re lucky enough to have a laundry space at all. It’s easy for this room to become dumping grounds for dirty clothes and linen, but it’s better not to treat the floor like a bottomless hamper.

Noting Grace

Doing laundry might not be your favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon, but since you’ll probably spend some prime time in there, it’s definitely worth making the most out of it — even if you’re renting. Take some pride in your laundry area with an affordable facelift. This vintage inspired laundry room by Noting Grace is brought to you by some easy and clever repurposing of items. When polished off with some super cute decor, you’ll be excited to show off this room in your home. 

Btw- you can choose to add as little or as many aspects of this makeover as you like.

How to hack a home garden

We’ve all been there — daydreaming about that picture-perfect ground floor apartment with a gorgeous outdoorsy deck and budding vegetable garden. But if you’re  on the 4th floor with no balcony or garden to be seen, it’s probably just a fantasy. And it’s a shame, because plants aren’t just pretty, they’re also linked to positive well-being, and can also reduce toxins between rooms.

Brittany Goldwyn

But you don’t need a balcony or garden to create a small garden oasis in your home. There are tons of ways to create an indoor garden, no matter the size of your home. Try this hanging indoor garden by Brittany Goldwyn which is actually suitable for a kitchen, bathroom, or any other space you want to bring some green vibes to. Not only does this DIY project not take up any counter space, it’s also an eco-friendly way to grow your own herbs. For the project, you’ll need to saw holes into wood, so you’ll need to prepare yourself with all of the necessary equipment.

Bonus tip: Fill empty jars with pebbles, soil, moss, or small plants for mini gardens you can place around your home.

How to hack home entertainment

When your friends are on their way over, do you find yourself rushing around, trying to find places for everyone to sit? Even hosting a dinner party of 6 can be tricky when it comes to seating your guests.

Our Hand Crafted Life

DIY to the rescue! Try creating a seating area that also works as a storage space. Check out this DIY bench by Our handcrafted life. It’s a great way to utilize your space and get some bonus storage! This project needs some pretty serious tools, so if you’re not a natural with wood, you’ll need to get someone to help. It’s the perfect addition to a small outdoor area, or in your small living room.

How to hack small storage

Let’s talk shelves… must-haves for any apartment lacking space. They’re a great way to shelve your storage issues while taking up zero floor space, and minimal wall space. But instead of opting for the same boring shelves every store is selling, get creative!

Love & Renovations

It’s surprisingly easy to build your own set of shelves. All you need is a drill and some wood boards. This DIY floating shelves by Love & Renovations will create a sense of individuality in your home. Play around with the color, to make it your own. To achieve these perfect set of shelves, you’ll need wooden pine boards, a drill, and paints to dye the wood.

Embrace D-I-Y

DIY is a healthy way to escape the stress of everyday life, and tap into the creativity you never knew you had. Whether you own your own home, or are just renting for a couple of months, the place you live should feel like yours. So no matter where you live, it’s easy to put your own unique touch on things. 

How can I remove clutter at home?

house organization

Removing clutter from your home can be a daunting task. If you don’t keep up with getting rid of “stuff” as you get more “stuff”, such as mail, paperwork, magazines, clothes, shoes or items sitting around your house, things will keep accumulating and piling up, and your house will become more and more cluttered.

There are ways to remove clutter and have a less clutter home so your home will be welcoming and relaxing. You should obtain three large boxes and mark each one. One should say, keep; the second, sell; and the third, throw away. Now you’re ready to get started. Make three piles on the floor, then decide which pile goes in each of the marked boxes. Set a time limit and take a break every once in a while, so you will not get stressed.

What is Clutter a Sign of?

Clutter could be a sign that you don’t like to deal with various aspects of your life. Getting more and more stuff may be soothing to you, but then gets out of control and piles up. One pair of shoes, becomes ten pairs of shoes; one kitchen item becomes many more kitchen items that you don’t need; mail is not dealt with and piles up; magazines are read, but never thrown away; and on and on. Clutter could mask a deeper problem in your life.

Where do I start decluttering my house?

You start with one room at a time. Choosing a room that is less cluttered will help you see progress being made more quickly. This will help give you incentive as you move from room to room and see less clutter home.

How do you declutter a small apartment?

It is more difficult to declutter a small apartment because there is not much storage space, but it can be done with some ingenuity. You can put up shelves and use baskets to keep things in order. Purchasing decorative boxes, that match your décor, are attractive to look at and keep items hidden. Storage ottomans look nice in your living room and keep extra blankets out of sight. If you notice you’re not using something for a period of time, get rid of it sooner than later, to keep things from accumulating.

 How do you declutter a room?

Declutter the room, as explained before, with three piles. Once you’ve gone through the three piles and decide what to keep, find a place for everything so you can find things easily. Examples are: in the kitchen, keep items handy that are used frequently and keep pens, pencils and paper by your phone; in the bathroom, throw out old cosmetics and use baskets for towels and small trays for toiletries; and if you have a sewing/arts and crafts room, keep only the items you need for the sewing and crafts you like to make.


If you have trouble decluttering and knowing what to get rid of, don’t keep items you haven’t used or keep clothes you haven’t worn for more than a year, or at the most, two years.

Hopefully the ideas presented will help you, and you can be free of clutter.

Why Consider Thinking About AC Maintenance ?

People need their home Air Conditioning unit running correctly to combat the heat of summer and stay comfortable as the season persists. However, a neglected AC unit can cause much trouble. Not only can it affect your homes ability to cool off, but it could also raise your energy bills in the process. So, to avoid these problems down the road, you will want to perform a couple routine AC maintenance checks and tasks to keep your AC unit running. Here are a few tips to get you started.

6 Tips to Keep your AC Running Smoothly
Mind Your Air Filter

One of the most critical steps in AC maintenance is cleaning or replacing your air filter. It is a task that should be done once a month during summer or winter, but less often in the spring and fall months, however, some households are lucky if they perform this task once a year.

These furnace filters can collect dust, dirt, and other allergens that not only constrict airflow but can also trigger asthma or allergy symptoms of those living in the household. Your system will be doing more work than it should and will ultimately affect your heating and cooling costs. So, the simplest things you can do so that it isn’t a problem down the road is to check and clean or replace your air filters periodically.

Examine your AC Coils

Your air conditioner has both an evaporator coil and a condenser coil that slowly collects dust and dirt over time. Though a clean air filter lessens the amount of dirt collected, eventually though, the coil will need to be cleaned after an extended period of use. This is because the gathered dirt will reduce airflow and insulate your coils, which will make it harder for the unit to absorb heat. To keep this from happening it is essential to examine your evaporator coil once a year and clean it if it seems that too much dirt has accumulated.

Your outdoor condenser coil can also succumb to dirt especially if its surrounded by trees or shrubs. Just looking down into the unit, you will be able to see if the dirt is building on the fins or not. Generally, you would want to keep debris and dirt as far from your condenser as possible. Make sure to clean around the vent, remove the debris, and keep your shrubs manicured. This will allow the proper airflow to your condenser and keep your unit functioning properly for longer.

Check the Thermostat

Your thermostat is the link between you and your homes AC unit, making sure it’s functioning as designed will keep your home at the temperature you want it. An older mechanical thermostat may not be suited to your home’s needs if you still have one. Try upgrading to a programmable thermostat and see if you can feel the difference.

You can use your programmable thermostat to raise the temperature when no ones in your house and set it to cool just before the family comes home. This technique will allow you to keep your home comfortable and save you on your energy expenses.

Survey the Wiring and Components

There could be problems with your wiring if you are not careful and check the components of your AC unit periodically. So, before you check, make sure your unit is turned off by switching the service disconnect found on the outdoor unit or using the breaker panel in your house.

Once that is taken care of, you can take off the access panel of the condensing unit and check for burned, blackened, or melted wiring all of which are signs of overheating.

Also, keep an eye out for loose electrical wires. Make sure all the wires are pushed in and if you have an electrical test meter handy you can use it to check the unit’s capacitors. Also, take a look at the contactor switch and make sure that no excessive pitting is taking place.

If these problems are occurring in your unit, then the best thing to do would be to seek out professional help so that they can find the root of the problems and have them fixed for you.

Keep Outside Unit Clean

Your outside unit can collect dirt, grass, leaves and a lot of other outdoor debris over time. The presence of these things can build up on the outside of your unit and adversely affect your system capacity and reduce the air flow.

To help with this issue, try shutting off the unit’s power and using your outdoor garden hose to rinse away the debris. Remember to start at the top and work your way down while holding your hose at a 45-degree angle. You should never use a power washer for this kind of job because it could bend or even damage the fins on the coil.

Also, make sure that the foliage around your unit is cut back to keep it from impeding the air flow of your outdoor unit.

Call a Professional

Even though checking on specific aspects of your air filtration unit and keeping them washed, cleaned, and free of dust and dirt is important. Should your unit have, a severe issue happen then you’ll want to reach out to an AC Maintenance specialist to make sure your unit is running its best and that there aren’t any significant problems impacting your air filtration system or furnace filter that you’re unaware of.

A trained technician will have a list of problems that they can check for and see if any of these things could be keeping your airflow from reaching its optimum capacity. So, it helps to have someone there who knows what they’re doing.

Your local company will gladly assist you with any air conditioning problems affecting your home. Just remember that the small jobs can easily be handled by you. If you perform these routine tasks to keep your unit running at its best, then you can prevent major issues from happening and you save a lot on your energy costs because of how efficiently your AC will run.

Credits to @armstrongheating

Rooflights. What are they and why do you need them?

Roof Repairer tips

Rooflight is sometimes called a Skylight. Simply put it is a window built into a roof. This is a structure that forms part or sometimes all of the roof area of a building transmitting light for daylighting uses.

Rooflights have been in use from as far back as ancient Roman times. We see this in the Oculus of Pantheon. Closed rooflights have been used since the industrial revolution and evolved as glass manufacturing grew. As everyone sought ways to conserve energy new designs came up and have since been adopted in domestic and industrial building.
Why should I get Rooflights? The environment inside in building can be enhanced by Roof lights and fans. All this is because roof light gives natural light in your building and added ventilation. This also means cost savings for your business with lower lighting costs or electric bills. With better natural light you will have happier employees who shall perform better and happier customers. A rooflight will help ease the pressure on your bank account by lowering the costs of electricity bills or lighting costs.
Transform your premises into a light and airy one when you call us at Roofy Roof Repairs and Building. We can install or replace existing rooflights. Roof light renewals can be accomplished without disrupting your daily activities. You can remain functional as we work on your roofs.We can work with different rooflight types.
Insulating Rooflights is a cost effective rooflight that can be incorporated into roofs. It is delivered on-site and ready to be installed. Modular Vault Rooflights is suitable for roofs that are flat, pitched or curved. Solid Polycarbonate Sheet has a shatter resistance of up to 200 times that of glass. This is perfect for canopy glazing.Roof Ventilation. An adequately ventilated roof is essential as it improves productivity and enhances the environment. Having one gives several benefits such as;.

  • It prevents heat exhaustion.
  • It reduces the exposure to airborne and hazardous substances therefore preventing the risk of the workers being ill.
  • It reduces the cost of electricity
  • It makes the environment more comfortable therefore the workers are more productive.If ever in need of a roof repair do not hesitate to contact Roofy roof Repairs and a Building.

Telephone : 0121 285 4774

Address: PO04 Big and Red Storage, Unit 5 Martinbridge Industrial Estate, Enfield, EN1 1SP, UK

Roof repair and roof maintenance. Why roof cleaning is important.

My roof defends me from rain, snow, wind, heat, and hail. On a daily basis it is subjected to weather hazards and other elements all causing deterioration and damage. Poor roof maintenance is a major cause of roof damage.
Roof maintenance could be a simple act of debris removal or roof cleaning. And we need to maintain our roofs because of very good reasons including;

To can minimise the need for repair and keep the repair cost low. You see, if there is a small problem that could be dealt by a simple clean (read maintenance) and if this is not done it could grow into a bigger one. Something as simple as leaves blocking gutters could block rain and snow from draining properly. Then the water would have to find another outlet . And this is where problem begins. This gradually damages your roof. And could also develop into roof algae that would prematurely age your roof and cause ugly black streaks.

We should maintain our roofs for a peace of mind. I do not have to always worry about a leak after every major storm or be worried about the possibility of mold making my family sick because I have got peace of mind knowing that my roof is in good shape.

Maintaining our roofs is time-saving. If I maintain my current roof it means I could preserve my insulation and woodwork. So at the time of changing of my roof the roofer would spend less time interrupting me.

We maintain our roofs to protect our home and everyone that lives there.Our roofs are susceptible damage in overheated poorly ventilated homes. The roof structure could deteriorate at a faster rate due to lack of ventilation. This has an effect on your energy bills & comfort in your home.

Roofy Roof Repairs and Building

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Brilliant Questions for your Roofer

Finding a roof contractor need not be a daunting task. It could involve dealing with a leaking or damaged roof while at the same time sorting through all the available Roofing Contractors in the area to find one who can get the job done right but at an affordable price. So what makes a roofing contractor good or reliable?

Will you remove my old roof?Your old roof should be removed before putting down a new one. This makes sure that all problems have been spotted and dealt with. An inspection by sight sometimes will not spot problems such as rotten bits. If these linger they only create bigger problems for you in future.
What is the warranty on my new roof? If it’s anything less than 25 years it should be probed. The minimum one should expect is 25 years.
Will you have someone on site for me to ask if you have any questions? It’s important to know who the project manager is before what begins so that you can know where to direct your questions rather than directing them at a group.
Will you provide me a written estimate? there should be no surprise quotes of the day when work is complete. it’s important to know the cost of removing the old one, adding the new roof, materials and anything else that may come up during the process.
What would you do if there is change in weather when working on my roof?Ask them what they shall do in case the weather gets bad. What precautions will they take to ensure that your roof, house interior and property doesn’t get ruined by rain, wind, or an incomplete job.
Are you a licensed roofer? Knowing whether the contractor is licenced or not and also whether their licence is up to date will give you a legal recourse in case something goes wrong. Asking this will enable you to know that you’re dealing with someone who comply with the roofing regulator’s code of conduct.
Do you have a Workman’s comprehensive insurance?If an injury happens on your property you could be held liable for medical expenses. Some contractors may choose to take their chances and do without.If your contractor does it have insurance the burden could be on you. So you need to protect yourself when making sure the roofer offers workmen’s compensation insurance.
Do you have general liability insurance?It’s a known fact that building sites are prone to accidents and damage. With this insurance in place for the contractor, in the event your roof, house, or property is damaged you will not be responsible for covering the damage that someone else has caused. This shall be covered by their general insurance liability.

Roofy Roof Repairs and Building

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