Why Home Improvements Add The Most Value

It’s no secret that home improvement is tricky. Over 25 percent of Americans report spending between $10,000 and $25,000 on home renovation projects.  According to Forbes, many of the most expensive home improvements don’t even add value to your property. The weather, state of the market, and time of the year may also detract from the costContinue reading “Why Home Improvements Add The Most Value”

7 Genius DIY Hacks To Maximise Your Space

Let’s be real, you’re not Mary Poppins, so you can’t invent space that doesn’t already exist. Do it yourself, or DIY, 3 letters that seem to be everywhere, could be the answer to all of your space woes.  Doing it yourself is nothing new, but in this same-day-delivery era, we expect everything to arrive magazine-ready.Continue reading “7 Genius DIY Hacks To Maximise Your Space”

How can I remove clutter at home?

Removing clutter from your home can be a daunting task. If you don’t keep up with getting rid of “stuff” as you get more “stuff”, such as mail, paperwork, magazines, clothes, shoes or items sitting around your house, things will keep accumulating and piling up, and your house will become more and more cluttered. ThereContinue reading “How can I remove clutter at home?”

Why Consider Thinking About AC Maintenance ?

People need their home Air Conditioning unit running correctly to combat the heat of summer and stay comfortable as the season persists. However, a neglected AC unit can cause much trouble. Not only can it affect your homes ability to cool off, but it could also raise your energy bills in the process. So, toContinue reading “Why Consider Thinking About AC Maintenance ?”

Rooflights. What are they and why do you need them?

Roof Repairer tips Rooflight is sometimes called a Skylight. Simply put it is a window built into a roof. This is a structure that forms part or sometimes all of the roof area of a building transmitting light for daylighting uses. Rooflights have been in use from as far back as ancient Roman times. WeContinue reading “Rooflights. What are they and why do you need them?”

Roof repair and roof maintenance. Why roof cleaning is important.

My roof defends me from rain, snow, wind, heat, and hail. On a daily basis it is subjected to weather hazards and other elements all causing deterioration and damage. Poor roof maintenance is a major cause of roof damage.Roof maintenance could be a simple act of debris removal or roof cleaning. And we need toContinue reading “Roof repair and roof maintenance. Why roof cleaning is important.”